Our clavichords are known for there excellent touch and sound, giving the player the possibility to express the whole dynamic range, from ppp to fff. We offer all models from the small triple or double fretted clavichords up to late 18th century unfretted instruments. Depending on the model, they can be finished in oiled or lacquered hardwood, or be painted.

  17th After late 17th century German Instruments
C/E-c3 (with split keys for F# and G#), double fretted
Matthias Weckman - Toccata vel praeludium d-moll
Playing: Siebe Henstra

  hass After Swedish instruments, first half of the 18th century
C-e3 (C-c0 with extra 4' string), unfretted
Johann Jakob Froberger - Partite “Auff die Maÿerin” (6 variations)
Playing: Menno van Delft


After Johann Adolph Hass, Hamburg, 1761
FF-f3 (FF-c0 with extra 4' string), unfretted

Johann Sebastian Bach - Canon in Hypodiatesseron, al roverscio e per augmentationem, perpetuus (Art of Fugue, BWV 1080)
Playing: Menno van Delft


After Johann David Gerstenberg, Geringswalde, 1760
C-e3, unfretted


After Christian Gottlob Friederici, Gera, 1765
FF-f3, unfretted

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach - Preussische Sonate I, 2nd and 3rd movement
Playing: Pieter-Jan Belder


After Spath & Schmahl, Regensburg, 1787.
AA-f3, double fretted