About us

Piparte is a small workshop for the construction of keyboard
instruments near Lisbon, Portugal. The company was founded in
2009 by Geert Karman, after he had moved there from the

We build clavichords, harpsichords and pianofortes after historical
models. In the building process, we try to reduce the use of machines
as much as possible, preferring hand tools, and using animal (hot)
glue for the assembly. Our predilection for hand work means that
production amounts remain limited, and that every instrument we
make gets full attention and will attain an exceptionally high quality,
in workmanship, reliability, touch and sound.

Also, we do not make series of identical instruments, every product
is tailored to the wishes of the customer, and is different from the
instruments we made before. This gives us the opportunity to explore
different historical models, ranging from small fretted, 17th century
clavichords to large early 19th century fret-free clavichords, from a
six-foot four-octave Ruckers harpsichord, to a large five-octave French or
German double manual harpsichord, from the early Cristofori
type of pianoforte to the Viennese Grands of Graf.